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  1. Been makin music for about 3 weeks...
  2. Drummer looking to jam
  3. Pics of your rigs and equipment!
  4. How to make your own music?
  5. Any Dj's in this bish!
  6. Eminem coming out hard
  7. iNotion is Dope!!!
  8. Her Fatal Flaw
  9. needed big time!
  10. what do you think of my playing?
  11. Into Music Production/Editing/Writing?
  12. PC Beat Making Programs?
  13. anyone looking for a bass guitar?
  14. drummer wanted
  15. Anyone looking for a small amp
  16. Hardcore...
  17. ToxicTouch, my band
  18. wtt my Marshall JCM 2000 dsl for a JCM 900
  19. hmm might start playing again
  20. the metal
  21. A lil AZHT Support would be apprecited!!
  22. Me improving on guitar ...comments welcome!
  23. Anyone needing a mixer, recording mic or cab?
  24. Violin help
  25. Tucson band LETHAL DOSAGE
  26. *official all music genre concert thread*
  27. Anyone mess with an MPC or MPD?
  28. Lets start a heavy metal band
  29. yo
  30. Frank Ocean - Acura Inegurl
  31. For the lovers of metal, check it!
  32. Just finished writing a new track
  33. Drummer looking for dedicated musicians.
  34. Won a contest!
  35. Sumo corleone - product of my city
  36. Saturday Jan 19th @ The Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe, AZ!
  37. Saturday May 11th - The Underground
  38. Weird ass music
  39. November 15 Slayer, Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies