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Pardon some of the huge picture but are offering NO TAX and FREE shipping to all of our AZ customers paying cash! (We will work with you on CC Transactions as well) Feel free to call 480-635-8888 for details or order online and mention AZHT special in the comment box and we will contact you prior to charging your card. (This deal is over and above our already discounted website pricing!!!!)


Berk Technology Cat Delete Pipe w/ Built in O2 CEL Fix Honda S2000 00-08 FREE SHIPPING

Large diameter 63.5mm piping (2.5in), full 304SS, & built in CEL fix. Includes new gasket & hardware. 06-07 S2000 with drive by wire have high incidents of CEL. 00-05 S2000's are 98% CEL free. (http://intensepower.com/betecatdepiw.html)


Berk Technology 70mm Cat Delete Pipe w/ Built in O2 CEL Fix Honda S2000 00-08: FREE SHIPPING

Large diameter 70mm piping (2.75in), full 304SS, & built in CEL fix. Includes new gasket & hardware. Perfect for forced induction and high power NA applications. 06-07 S2000 with drive by wire have high incidents of CEL. 00-05 S2000's are 98% CEL free. Full high grade 304 stainless steel tubing and flanges! (http://intensepower.com/bete70catdep.html)


Berk Technology High Flow Catalytic Converter - Metallic Core Honda S2000 00-08: FREE SHIPPING

Featuring Magnaflow's new metallic substrate core. Less weight, more durability, and higher flow than your standard ceramic subsrtrate "high flow cat". Do not confuse these with cheap Chinese made ceramic substrate versions! These are very high quality parts made proudly in the USA by our expert fabricators.

Our test data shows that this cat flows 87% as well as a test pipe vs. 43% for the OEM Cat. Smog legal, high flow, no test pipe smell. You can have the best of both worlds. Includes new 3 bolt gasket & nuts/bolts.

As of January 1st, 2009, performance high flow cats are intended for off-road use only in the state of California. (http://intensepower.com/betehiflcaco.html)


Berk Technology Thermal (Non) Coated 50mm Exhaust Header Honda S2000 00-08: FREE SHIPPING

Thermal barrier coated using High Performance Coatings (HPC) Hipercoat 1600+ process on the inside and outside of the header. The Hipercoat process helps maintain high exhaust gas velocity which is key in header design and ultimate power production. One of the few 304 stainless & inside/outside ceramic coated headers in the world. Uses large port 50mm primaries & high flow CAD designed 63.5mm collector (2.5"). Perfect compliment to the Berk Technology 2.5" test pipe. Includes secondary wideband O2 sensor port for fuel tuning. One of the best performing headers for the AP1 & AP2 S2000 at any price. (http://intensepower.com/betethnco50e.html)


Berk Technology 3" Single Header Back System Honda S2000 00-08: FREE SHIPPING (http://intensepower.com/bete3sihebas.html)

BIG 76.2mm! Integrated HFC & Test pipe options! Honda S2000 3" Single Header Back System

•3" Single exit exhaust (76.2mm)

•4" Straight cut tip

•Header back, meaning the "test pipe" or "High Flow Cat/HFC" is an integral part of the exhaust

•Built in CEL fix is included with the non-catted or high flow catted option

•Single V-Band connection that uses zero gaskets and is quick release with only one nut to remove.

•Extra support hanger is included. Prevents "wobbling" of the exhaust.

•OPTIONAL: 3" High flow cat option integrated into B-pipe (http://intensepower.com/bete3sihebas.html)


Berk Technology UHV Dual 57mm Titanium Exhaust Honda S2000 00-08: FREE SHIPPING

A proven 8 HP to the wheel

The exhaust uses an all new design that has yet to be seen for the S2000. Instead of using a single 80mm exhaust which would be ridiculously loud, we use twin 57mm pipes which greatly quiets down the exhaust. It is by no means a quiet exhaust like the J's 60rs, but if you can handle the sound volume of a 70mm single, you can handle the sound from our dual 57mm.


* Dual 57mm tubing

* Dual Full Titanium Mufflers (not just the tips!)

* Full 304 Stainless Steel tubing & flanges

* Flows the same as a single 80mm exhaust

* Over Twice the velocity of a single 80mm

* Roughly 6db quieter than an 80mm single (4x quieter)

* Entire exhaust system weighs 26lbs (stock is 49lbs)

* Made in the USA (http://intensepower.com/beteuhvdu57t.html)

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