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GtecD16 07-03-2013 05:56 PM

good tires
so i need some help with deciding on some good tires. Now that i am running the k24 its always having issues planting the power to the ground. my tires suck i just always sit there spinning tires looks embarresing especially the times im not trying to race.

so i need some ideas of good tires not over priced, but some good dailys that would be good everyday driving and can be used to drag at firebird once it opens.

ive looked at some toyos but cant find any dealer locally that sells my size.

my rims i was thinking of putting the tires on since they are wider at 215/35/18
my stock are running 205/50/16

thanks again


225/40/17 would work better for what you want. BFG super sport tires are nice. Michelin pilots. Shop around, read reviews.

MIRANDA88 07-21-2013 09:35 PM

Get some Nitto nt05s or Falken Azenis

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