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IntensePower 01-24-2012 02:34 PM

Intercoolers, Couplers and Clamps OH MAI!
This is not cheap EGAY product, this is legitimate quality product. We were presented with the opportunity to purchase the remaining stock of a Turbo Manufactures inventory (IceVex) so we jumped on it. Below is what will be up for grabs after our wholesale dealers and distributors pick up their orders. These are smokin deals and we are selling them to the members here for less than our normal cost.

OK Here goes:

Brand new never seen the light of day product:

Straight Couplers:
20 qty 2.0" (51 mm) Coupler - Black = $4.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)
20 qty 2.25" (57 mm) Coupler - Black = $4.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)

22 qty 2.5" - 3.0" (64 - 76 mm) Reducer - Black = $6.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)

45* Couplers:
29 qty 2.0" (51 mm) 45 Deg. Elbow - Black = $7.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)
30 qty 2.5" (64 mm) 45 Deg. Elbow - Black = $8.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)
30 qty 3.0" (76 mm) 45 Deg. Elbow - Black = $10.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)

90* Couplers:
19 qty 2.0" (51 mm) 90 Deg. Elbow - Black = $10.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)
9 qty 3.0" (76 mm) 90 Deg. Elbow - Black = $12.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)

T-Bolt Clamps:
4 qty T-Bolt Clamp for 1.25" = $2.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)
29 qty T-Bolt Clamp for 2.0" (51 mm) piping (Range 54-62 mm) = $2.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)
50 qty T-Bolt Clamp for 2.5" (64 mm) piping (Range 67-75 mm) = $2.50/each (CASH out the door pricing)
12 qty T-Bolt Clamp for 2.75" (70 mm) piping (Range 73-81 mm) = $2.75/each (CASH out the door pricing)
63 qty T-Bolt Clamp for 3.0" (76 mm) piping (Range 79-87mm) = $3.00/each (CASH out the door pricing)
10 qty T-Bolt Clamp for 4.0" (103 mm) piping (Range 104-112mm) = $3.50/each (CASH out the door pricing)

3 qty 31 x 12 x 3 = $100/each (CASH out the door pricing)

IceVex performance parts are engineered for extremely demanding applications. We strive to achieve the best quality in our products. IceVex racing intercoolers are designed with the best materials and technology available. Thorough engineering and stringent testing has allowed us to offer premium products backed by the IceVex limited 1 year warranty.

IceVex racing intercoolers are engineered to maximize the air-to-air heat transfer efficiency, allowing you to gain precious additional horsepower. The bar & plate design allows for rapid heat dissipation lowering the outlet air temperature.

(Physical characteristics:

Lightweight aluminum alloy core and end-tanks
Bar & plate core construction
Cast aluminum end-tanks, polished to a mirror shine
Multiple core sizes and end-tank combinations
High quality meticulous welding

Performance characteristics:

Designed to withstand the highest peak and operational pressures: up to 5 bar or
74 psig
High cross-sectional area cores to allow the maximum air flow while minimizing
the pressure drop across the core
More cooling - more power!!


Max. flow rate: over 900 CFM (with a pressure drop of 2.9 psi)
Pressure drop: 0.58 psi at 400 CFM
Pressure Drop: 1.29 psi at 620 CFM
Inlet and Outlet: 3 inch (76 cm)
Operational pressure: 0 to 55 psig (0 to 3.7 bar)
Peak pressure: 74 psig (5 bar)

Overall size:

Length: 31 inches (78 cm)
Height: 12 inches (30 cm)
Width: 3 inches (7.6 cm)

Core size:

Length: 24 inches (60 cm)
Height: 12 inches (30 cm)
Width: 3 inches (7.6 cm)

Applications: Universal)

Old Stock BLOW OUT (Some of these may have been test fitted and or have some serious dust on them from being here for some time. Trying to move out the old to bring in the new. All good product w/ ZERO defects just not quite as pretty in some cases as the new product we just brought in.

Plenty of 2"-2.75" Couplers in stock mostly in "dusty" blue, will list more as we go through the old inventory and post pics up as well.

Jump on these prices boys and girls, the couplers are all 4 and 5ply (Layered) Turbo Coupling and won't be seen at this pricing again!

b20forlife 05-10-2012 07:27 AM

Can you ship? Pm price for 1-2" t bolt clamp and 11-2.5" t bolt clamps. Total of 12 clamps shipped to 86314 az

IntensePower 07-17-2012 02:38 PM

Still have decent inventory on these components as we have re-upped a couple times.

IntensePower 10-22-2012 03:34 PM

We still keep stock on all of these items, more comes in every week or so... not limited to the list of parts either. Let us know what you need, chances are its in stock.

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