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Originally Posted by Honduh_head View Post
not trying to doubt your knowledge or anything, but would you happen to have dyno comparisons to back this up?
I have an engine program that I have built for years. Each of the bottom ends (in this case) were LSVTEC .030" overbore 11.7/1 compression set-ups. I called these "Clone" engines. All of these engines have been nearly identicle in build up so I feel this is a fair comparison.

Typically they averaged in 180-190 whp range with Skunk stage 2 cams. The last two I built, I switched to a set of Pro 1's and the HP on these engines dropped to the 170s. I replaced a set of the pro1's with a set of stage 2's and redynoed the car. Power was back up in the 180 range.

The second engine just came off of Joe's dyno making only 165. Joe did not make any cam adjustments at all, so I feel power would pick up a little bit if he had done so. I have yet to exchange these cams and do a re-tune.

I don't have any back to back testing and there are other variables as well that could contribute to the differences in power as well, but IMO the cams are too big for this low compression ratio.

EDIT: Notice that engine dyno you posted above is a 1.8ltr with CTR pistons. This will yeild almost 13/1 comression, so it is not a fair comparison. All it does show is that Pro1 like compression.
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