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had an early gym session this morning. Focus on triceps, abs, back and neck.

triceps I did the cable pull down with the rope


for neck I was doing shrugs on the barbell

50+bar x 15
65+bar x 15
75+bar x 15

I hopped on a couple machines for my back and did some solid numbers, higher than what I was expecting to do, focused mainly on my form and muscle control flexing that particular area of muscle.

last night I had for dinner a chicken breast, rice, Brussels sprouts and a glass of whole milk. I woke up so hungry. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to prevent this from happening. I know that when your sleeping is when your body is rebuilding your muscle the most.

this morning before I went to workout I had a bowl of whole grain cheerios with whole milk, English muffin with peanut butter, an apple and glass of orange juice. After my workout I had 2 whole eggs with 3 more egg whites, 1 kiwi, 1 apple, Greek yogurt with granola and 1 serving of the "rockin fuel chocolate milk"

for my snack while I am at work, I am taking 1 cup of almonds 1 pear and will have a glass of whole milk.

for dinner tonight I'm going to have 1 red meat steak, green beans, mashed potatoes and a glass of v8.

what do you guys think? also, i think i am lacking efficiency with my after workout stretching. i dont know if i am or i am not, but im so sore. either that or my body is just hating me for switching to using weights instead of my own body weight. i could not sleep worth a shit last night, just tossing and turning, sore and hungry.
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