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Originally Posted by TucsonJDMAccord View Post

does anyone have any suggestions on a specific protein/mass gainer supp?
You are in a kitchen.. Dump 1 cup of pasteurized egg whites, scoop of whey, some whole milk, pb, oats, etc in a blender, and drink it. I make all kinds of high calorie shakes in my vitamix..

"weight gainers" are kind of a waste of money IMO. Most just are whey with maltodextrin or other cheap fillers yet you're paying a premium for it. Can make something much better, and tailor it to your needs, for cheaper. They can be convenient for sure, but otherwise.

I mean literally make a damn milkshake with ice cream, milk, etc if you want. Dump in a scoop or two of whey and you have a "mass gainer" and honestly still higher quality ingredients than "most" store bought ones. haha
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