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DB Roof Wing? / Third Brake light

Lately I've got this crazy thought in my head to attempt to put a roof third brake light. Such as the ones you see on new Audi's, BMW, etc.
I've got a theory on how to get it done but I'm running into an issue with hiding it. Now I could mount it inside the car but I'm wanting to get a roof style wing on the rear glass and have it mounted underneath to keep it hidden. That way I can "modernize" the car and it'll be easier for all the excessively lifted trucks in my area to see me stopping, while adding something unique.
Now my main question is. Has anyone used a roof wing on a DB with good fitment? Everything I find is meant for coupes or they are too "curvy". I'd be looking for something squared such as the 300zx style ones.

Pictures below for reference.


Integra Sedan
I don't know what I'm doing with this thing
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