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Originally Posted by LS-S DA9 View Post
You are outta your mind! The mugen gen 1 looks like an itr with a gurney flap. The itr on the db looks AWESOME in my opinion. The mugen gen 2 though is not my cup of tea on sedan or hatch and is not comparible to itr or mugen gen 1.

When it comes down to it (looks wise) db NEEDS a wing, the hatch can go wingless all day.

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I personally think the gen two looks better than gen one, but then again I'm weird, lol. If I had the spare cash I'd go with a carbon fiber trunk and some a way to mold in the password jdm trunk lid

But make it extend into the body.
Then again I want to make my car follow as oem as possible that way at quick glance it looks stock but after you stare at it you notice the all the changes. This year is all suspension based and some exterior. Black suspension so it doesn't get attention, ITR front with a few goodies. So I still gotta figure everything out.
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