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got my car back from a crash 2 weeks ago at 7th ave on I10 before the tunnel, my car is a survivor the guy behind me just side swipe me nd he hit the side wall of the freeway, there was 4 cars involed including mines the other 3 cars got totaled and mines is the only car that drove off from the wreckage. The insurence gave me a check of 3,000 I could of left it with the insurence people to fix it but I was like "what the hell I can fix it" so the tow truck drop it off at my house nd I took the check and I went for hunt for a left front fender panel, a left door, and a rear bumper just all under 400 bucks and took the civic to a friend of mine to repaint and fix the damage for 650 so it leaves me like 2000 in my pocket
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