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Originally Posted by * BOOSTED88 * View Post
Well first off, I will like to thank Tony & all his staff at UMS for letting us use the DYNO for late night hours. Henry & Aaron for helping out with last minute stuff, Raul, Bac & Jojo for representing & everyone else who helped aswell. As for the event it was great even thou some cars did not make it & some where just not running correctly due to running out of time to finish the car properly. I'ts been a while since we have had a this much fun at an event & the finish was great!. The next event should be even greater.

Thank's again!

Ely Aleman
Again thanks Tony/Jeremy UMS for leting us use the dyno so late, if there is anything we can do for you just let me know. Boc , Ely, Raul, Jojo, Frank, Henry you guys where awasome!!! and they people that where there helping cant name everyone, but again thanks. Aaron/Henry prolly some of the coolest peeps I've met in a while congrats on the win. The car looks great and would be perfect with the 3piece front hahah LOL. LMK
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