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Originally Posted by gunsup0331 View Post
Thanks for the input. I was going for intensity with those sets hence the speed, when I go heavy I reset every pull.
Im really trying to use my legs and butt instead of my middle back
But it feels weird trying to clear my knees when my back goes vertical too soon.
I wish i could afford a few sessions with a good mentor but not right now unfortunately
Ill take what you said Spec and try to inxorporate it.
Gonna post up another vid when I go 300 again which I finally got recently woot!
Speed doesn't necessarily mean intensity.

Being fast is good. Being explosive is good but form needs to be dialed in. The movement still needs to be deliberate. You need to maintain tightness, through the set.

. Resetting and pulling each rep explosively off the floor would be the way to go.

Also there is a point where the weight is just too light, and things are moving too fast and all over the place. This looked it might have been some of the issue. You probably want to be in the 70% range give or take..

Keep practicing and recording yourself. The deadlift is super technical. I still have shit I'm struggling with.
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