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Originally Posted by BB6 SwAg View Post
Heres how my Deadlift day went yesterday... Lmk if there's something I could do better...

135 x 6 (warm up)
225 x 10 (Regular Grip)
275 x 8 (3 Reg Grip, 5 Switch)
315 x 3 (Switch Grip) was going for 5 but tired out.
335 x 2 (Switch Grip)
350 x Failed. Got it about a inch off the ground but tired out.
275 x 6 (Switch Grip)
245 x till Failure. Not sure how many I did.. (Regular Grip)

Finished the day off with pull ups, Lat pull downs, rows.

Im 5'6, 180 lbs...
This looks identical to how I used to go about my DL days
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