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Originally Posted by SovietSuperSoldier View Post
Scott please clarify a few things for me.....
TW motorsports was absorbed by your conglomeration of a business correct?
Where's your advertising and pricing? People don't like calling the shop...
And what are your shops hours? A number for the sales dept.?
Interesting questions here...

TW's inventory is at my shop. They are a seperate entity.
I don't advertise or list pricing on this site and never have, even as a vendor I didn't.
Not sure what to say about the comment "people don't like calling the shop". I didn't know there was an issue.

My shop hours remain the same as always, but since I am no longer a vendor here, I feel it is inapropriate of me to advertise them or my phone number which also remains the same.

If anyone needs clarification on this subject, please feel free to message me.
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