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honestly just pick both up with yoru hands and see what feels better... when it comes to quality photos out of a camera it really doesnt matter they are all simliar.

The differences are eganomics, sensor size (both those sensors are nearly the same size), low light performance (ignore this), and menu's to access features. Personally i like how canon has a cheaper 50mm for "entry level cameras". I actually prefer nikon's cheap 50mm but it doesn't work on the entry level cameras, it wont auto focus.

Ignore all of the spec's all of the fancy glamor and just see which one fits in the hand better. And if you are mostly shooting in auto I recommend something like the Sony NEX which has a DSLR sensor in it, but is extremely light & thin and performs great! The battery isnt as good but as a day to day camera, it will knock the socks off or a DSLR being shot on auto for connivence.

apsquidface had one and he helped me shoot an event with it and you cant tell the difference between his NEX & my canon 7D with L series glass at the end of the day...
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