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That's pretty cool ^^^

Went to SpeedWorld last night.
Pretty disappointed.
Bone stock car best run was a 16.24
Should have been launching higher, but didn't get enough runs in to fine tune my launch.
There were soooooooooooooo many people for a wednesday.
Put my magical ecu in, didn't advance the distributor(with my previous 2 stock b18b1's, i could feel a noticeable difference with the dizzy advanced vs. normal in the middle), and took off the cat and intake's top half.
Still launching too low, ran a 16.16.
After that run the lanes were closed.
I was sad.

I don't remember the differences in the MPH or 60 ft's, but I'll post them up once i grab the time sheets again.
Speedworld was having a bunch of technical difficulties all night. Fail for them.
I got a big
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