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dam cjb, thats not bad story tellin.
i just now recalled the first time i took my teg out for a joy ride a couple week ago after i bought it. I was going west on the 202, and i was in the express lane with my lady. well i cruised by a Ej civic, not sure what year, just that it was a coupe and had a fart can exhaust. i kinda slowed down bout 3 or 4 car lenghts ahead of him jus to see if he wanted some. well sure enuff, the idiot decided to come get some. i let him get the nose of his ride get in front of mine, i reved the engine, and he down shifted. i wasnt worried cus i dumped it into thrid and quickly caught up and passed him. we did this a couple times then he let off. so i thought it was all over til i see him haulin ass towards me on my side. so i let him have it and took off and i didnt stop til he was a lil speck of light on the broadway rearview. the dude prawly only had a SOHC, but hey..jus cus i drive a 4 door, dont mean its slow. jus like i dont under estimate hatches, some guys got some fast ones. and i have a fast 4 door teg.
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