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Originally Posted by cjb View Post
Finally we get a good thread on this board. We need to set some rules. I say, no lying or making stuff up, oh and nobody ask me for time slips. I don't believe in getting timed. Now let me share,

Oh man, I have been waiting to share this for so long. This was a few months back. It all started as I was testing out my new carbon fiber APC exhaust I just got from checker the night before. Keep in my mind I have a fully built d15z1 all motor beast in my eg hatch. Ok so I pull out of my neighbored banging through the gears, tires screeching, kidsscreaming, parents yelling and I am smiling. That new exhaust gave my engine a chance to breathe and that's all I needed to finish my street racing machine.

Ok so I am cruising around and I see a few ricer's looking my direction. I gave em a rev and of course they backed down, there prius couldn't handle what they were hearing so I proceed to the next light. No one was around and I haven't had a chance to fully feel the vtec power with all my new mods. So I began to breath slowly to calm myself because I was way to excited. Breathing slow I saw the light was still red, so I closed my eyes and wiped the sweat off of my palms. As I inhaled the new squash, I pushed the clutch in and put one hand on my neon steering wheel and the other on my matching shifter. And as if it was meant to be I opened my eyes just to see the light go green. So I dropped the clutch and gave it gas, Dammit. I stalled.

The magic was over, I started back up and took a right. I couldn't stand the embarrassment. So heading in a new direction, I see the distant tail lights of an STI. I sped up cause we were closing in on an intersection and I just new the light was going
to turn red. I really wanted to race this guy from a dig, I knew in my heart I was a better driver and that I could launch on him and get the jump, besides those subaru's are only 13 second cars. To my luck, we got the red. This time I wasn't going to close my eyes, the mood was right. I see him look over at me and smirk, I nod. I set the two step, it's at 2500rpm's right when my vtec-e kicks. GREENLIGHT!!!

Clutch off, gas, clutch, shift, gas, clutch, shift, gas, hazards.... It was like it was slow motion. I launched hard, no wheel spin and I got the jump, glad I paid extra for the sticky Nankings. I hear him spinning trying to get traction, I have a car length, now
2, I hit the hazards and let off. Poor subie driver, he didn't even catch up. I see his lights turn down a side street, guess he couldn't face me at the next light. Now I am feeling good, it's still early and I have plenty of gas.

Now I am checking the broadway mirror to see if anyone is coming and sure enough, looks as though someone else wants some. It looks low, I can see the headlights bouncing. And if it's that low, it's gotta be fast. They catch up, but this time they let
out a monstrous rev. I jumped in my seat and i think I peed a little, good thing I have vinly rapped itr seats. The anticipationof possibly being beat has got me ancy.

to be continued.....
what ever u gotta tell yourself d00d, nice car though
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