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Don't worry about throwing mods at the car just yet. The car is more than capable in stock trim for a first timer. The number one excuse that we hear when guys don't come out is "oh dude I wanna go out there, but I'm waiting till I get ______________ (insert mod here) on my car." WEAKSAUCE.
By the end of the day you'll be faster in your 'stock' car than you would have been at the beginning of the day with the one last mod that you're waiting for.

Things to make sure of:
All fluids are topped off (brake, ATF or clutch, PS, oil, coolant, etc.) and not leaking
Brakes are in good shape (at least half the material left on your pads and no cracks in teh rotors)
Seat belts are in good shape
tires are in good shape (plenty of tread left, no bubbles, etc.)
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