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wiring issue

hey just got a question for you about my car, maybe you guys can help me with it.
i pulled the motor out of my car about 2 monhs ago and ever since i put it back there is this weird problem with it. whenever i take a hard right turn the car feels like it is going to die. the radio turns off and headlights flash and the car feels like it is going to stall. it only does this on a hard right turn or if i go over a decent size bump in the road. so any help with that would be awesome. just pm me a price quote or something.

also my car is jumped from obd2 to obd1 and is currently running on an ls ecu but should be running on a b16 ecu. i took of the jumper harness and plugged in the obd2 ecu and its throwing a code but not sure what it is because the i can't find the plug in use to read the codes. so if maybe we could do that too that would be cool.

pm me and we'll talk from there.

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