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Originally Posted by insanemechanic View Post
a/c fan still works checked it , and the low and high pressures wont level out , they have been checked by shops and no one can put their fingers on the problem , .....
as far as checking goes , the fans are both working properly , the a/c compressor is working properly ,im catching wind the a line may be clogged ?? since the car is from a state were a/c isnt a must it might not have been used until now
If the pressure won't level out then it is most likely a line issue, or a compressor issues.

It would also make since that at "higher" rpms the air blows colder, as a worn compressor will only "work well" at higher rpm (usually.)

Does the pressure "wobble" excessively with the gauges on it? With a good compressor and a full charge the needles should stay somewhat steady, if you have a fair amount of needle movement that is a tell-tale sign of a compressor issue.
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