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Originally Posted by KingDingaLing View Post
Mikey. I was just looking at the new years resolution thread from 2009 and seen my pics. FML!! Man have I gained a lot of weight and damn near have no more muscles in sight lol.

Junk food is the damn devil. I quit smoking almost 2 years ago after being a smoker 13 years. That shit is way easir to quit than junk food, junk food is a hell of a drug, I'm not scared to admit that I'm addicted to large portions of junk food. Too often my taste buds over power my mind. I'm currently at my heaviest I've ever been. 6'2 315 pounds.. Honestly it's depressing looking in a mirror.

I quit smoking because I wanted to be healthy for my daughter. Now my bad eating habits have gotten out of control and my health is turning for the worse. It's hard to admit but it is. I'm past a yearly goal. I'm not getting younger, starting this year i wanna get healthy and stay healthy for the rest of my life.
Good for you. Don't talk about it, be about it.
We all start somewhere whether it is fat or skinny. Sticking to a plan is what gets the finished product you seek.

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