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Originally Posted by nelsmar View Post
/endthread. Pickup this^

If you want to get into shooting just go buy anything that fits you. It really doesn't. If you are wanting to get into actual shooting i always recommend sticking to nikon & sony only because they are the "popular" and its easier to get gear and accessories unless pentax etc.

They all take the same photos minus the low light quality and resolution for large scale printing (billboards and commercial only need apply). Anything with a fixed lens such as a 35mm or 50mm on a cheap used body is the best bet.

Originally Posted by nelsmar View Post
If your buying an entry level? Not too much honestly. If you are asking what kind of camera to look for used thats another answer all together. Before buying anything used i always take a number of sample shots against my own equipment to compare sharpness, ca etc on the glass. And i shoot a number of shots to make sure the camera is consistant. If i was buying a used camera i would take a sky shot and check how much dust there is (you will see spots in the blue that are dark spots from dust). Which isn't really a huge deal because you can get it cleaned but its good to know.

If you are wanting something more along the lines of a point and shoot look up a Fuji X100, i just picked up a Fuji X100s and i absolutely love it as a daily cary around camera. It has a lot more control and support that someone of my camera experience desires day to day, but the weight & size of a cary around camera (although a few restrictions such as no lens swaps, no zoom etc). I recommend one of these as a "entry" hybrid between point and shoot & DSLR.

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Nikon ftw. Go to bestbuy or any shop that has dslr's and just play with them for bit. See which one feels better in your hand and there ya go. IMO Nikon felt the best for me but that does not mean it's a superior camera. canon lenses seem to be cheaper btw
annnnd that. i'm on my second Nikon. however if you want video thats worth a shit, go with canon.
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Most Honda kids spend money they dont have, to buy things they dont need, to impress people on the internet they dont like.
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