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Originally Posted by tricken View Post
I would look into sony
used minolta af glass works great and is out there
just picked up a decent sigma 18-50 3.5-5.6 and a 50mm f2.8 macro for 20 bucks the macro goes used for 200 plus
also have gotten other great deals cause mose people think it is trash a 70-210 f4 30 bucks multible 50mm 1.7 for 30 bucks
deals are out ther but go play with what is right for you

nex is also a nice choice 2
I usually recommend away from sony as rentals are less common. Less people use it so its harder to borrow equip from friends. And flash equipment... there is very little high end support w/o adapters for flash equipment. Yes there is a lot of support but nothing compared to nikon & canon.

Sony makes some great equip but being "different" isn't always good when shooting. I like that the body has a built in IS for more entry level photos i think it is a great feature. But personally i prefer easier to obtain flash equipment & rentals.

And the nex is pretty great, ive used one and loved it. However fuji > nex 100% of the time. mmmmmmm
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