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Ok here it goes a win and a loss...
Sat nite after having dinner with the family me and my bro are gottin on the I-17 from the I-10 and i see this pair of HID's comin up fast. So i try n get around traffic, he gets next to me its a Mercedes so im like well lets see how i do... We did a 75mph roll, so i hit 3rd and im pullin slowly but surely, hit 4th im like 2 cars ahead then wen i get into 5th at about 125mph i just let off and slow down... he pulls up "that thing is fast!!! what you gota a chip in that thing?" i was like a chip wouldnt do that to you ... he takes off again and i couldnt belive wat i saw "CLK55 .... AMG" i was like god damn ... so i couldnt help but tell everyone at ramiros that nite LOL

Ok before i had my hatch I had a SOHC 4dr Neon with the 3speed auto tranny... I had a short ram intake and i seen this sick ass car from a distance so i follow... he hits a corner so i am tryin to keep up... i get stuck behind a bus so wen i pass hes like an 1/8th of a mile ahead so i get on it and pass it doin ike 95mph next thing i kno the car drops and i just here this thing going thru gears and a huge ass turbo ... none the less he caught me in like 2 seconds and lets off... and i was an R34GTR with a SIck ass fucken paint job, rims, tvs, and all kinds of gauges... so i went home and cried like a lil girl lol jk but i couldnt believe how fast it was to a 16 yr old my neon was fast LMAO
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