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Added a few accessory exercises a few weeks ago to help strengthen some of my weak points in my posture correction/lifts.

Things I'm correcting in my posture...atp, lordosis, kyphosis and forward head...yeah lots of shit

Glute bridges(need to try weighted still)- help activate glutes for lifts, helps with atp and lordosis
Weighted planks- strengthen abs/core for lifts also helps with atp and lordosis
Face pulls- strengthen teres major/minor, rear delts and mid traps? Helps pull back shoulders and thoracic extension.
You also want to stretch the opposite muscles to help with the imbalances, ie chest/front delts for toward shoulders/thoracic extension.

Forward head- haven't done much besides stretching the neck extensors and strengthening the deep neck flexors. Pretty much pull your head back while tucking your chin, I also push my tongue against the top of my mouth which tightens the flexors even more.

Atp can cause lordosis which can cause kyphosis which can cause forward head...but you can also have one without the others. My kyphosis is also exaggerated from a thoracic vertebrae that was crushed towards the front of the spine and healed before it was caught after a car accident.
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