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Originally Posted by Habmx View Post
You buy cheap, you buy twice. Don't skimp on a paint job, simply put, because when they make an error, you will have to live with seeing it every time you look at your car. And once you notice the error(s), then you will wish you spent the extra money to be impressed every time you look at your car. Most people on here just think that having your car all one color and glossy means its "clean" but, sadly enough, most of their cars look hideous to anyone who knows what their looking at. With that said, if you are willing to save, and go to a shop that will make sure it gets done proper, go to PhotoFinish ( or Family Auto Body ( To the best of my knowledge, those are the only two shops that i have seen good work come from in this town (not saying there are not others). If you do choose to go to one of them, shoot me a PM with some pics after its done! I'd love to see the finished product.
Ya ill definitely check them out. Ill take some before and after pics and post up the results. I'm going to dig around some more and keep those in mind. Any other suggestions people?

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