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Originally Posted by failedabortion View Post
I think I have a few of the coupons to get them for $40...I always set the ads in a drawer and forget about them. Let me know if you want one.

What do you want the drill wire brush for? I like these for removing paint if thats what you planned to use it for.

New pics are looking better, try slowing down some more though.
i'll let you know if i need a coupon if i dont get my HF newspaper

That is what i was talking about, 6.99 isnt bad for that brush. I need that to clean the parts well cause a hand wire brush doesnt do a good job, lol.

when i get more scrap metal (hopfully this weekend) i'll try it by slowing down. I notice alot of poeple do the "e" motion welds but i get two different stories to which way to weld. left to right, right to left then bottom to up instead of up to down. so i'll be trying to make a metal box so i can try all different techniques and see which is better for me.

thanks for all the help guys.
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