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Haha, I've seen plenty of stock Preludes run at Firebird, so don't feel like you're out of place. If you're worried about having a bad run or two, most people won't be too cruel. Just don't act like you're a badass, burning out or revving into the lanes, and everyone will show a decent amount of respect, no matter how bad your run is.

Oh- I'm not sure if this sort of stuff bothers you, but Firebird flucuates a LOT with the sort of crowds it pulls in. One friday, it'll be all old muscle, and the next, there's nothing BUT imports abroad. I really never know what to expect.

But anyway, I'd love to do a run with you- it'd be pretty cool to have a prelude matchup (no doubt the first in the strip's history), but I unfortunately don't turn 18 until mid-april. If I happen to be there, though, I'll be sure to meet up with you at some point. Just keep a lookout for a group of kids standing next to a red dakota, dropped on 18s.
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