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Originally Posted by Rufus View Post
That's a old car to get a loan on. You interest rate won't make it worth it. If you really want one, save cash and buy a salvaged ap1. I only paid $70/mo on insurance for mine with State Farm and Geico.
That's because your old!!!' :P ah wait I think hen I traded my S in I was finally down to 85$ a month lol when I bought it when I was 21 I was spending 250~ on insurance haha

Originally Posted by jdmman View Post
well I'm pretty much convinced that it's probably not the best time for an s2k. but regardless I do need a car and I will be going to the dealership. I guess i'll settle for an 06+ civic sedan. any feedback on this?
Glad to hear I hope you didn't take t messages ask being an asshole just trying I help a fellow member out. I lovedy s2000 and it was probably my all time favorite vehicle me hope to purchase one again soon but I know right now it would be irresponsible for me to our hare one due to issues in my life and I would hate to see someone young and aspiring to make a decision like that.

Personally I have never driven an 06 so I have no idea. I drive. A '12 hybrid and its a piece of shit.... I prefers my 2000 civic or even more my Cruz haha. Though I have a few friends with that gen that love them!
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Originally Posted by dridge11
I think more lessons should be taught with crossbows. Now that kid knows throwing rocks at cars is a bad idea and will get you impaled.
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