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Originally Posted by Jstarda9 View Post
If you live with your parents, get on their insurance and don't put your name on anything. As long as the car is insured, anyone driving it is insured. That's what I did until I turned 25 and got my own insurance

I am now 28 and only pay $68/full coverage on my 2002 s2000. I saved up my money and bought my car cash, since I didn't want to finance it. Maybe find a way to save $10k and find a 2002 s2000. I would suggest to not get an 01 or 02 since it has plastic window crap, carpet interior.
x2 on insurance. Don't live with them but I only pay $160 total for full coverage/towing/etc on the a4 and liability on the e36. Last I checked for my prelude it would be $340 for liability under me. Definitely a deal breaker on getting a nice car
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