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OP you're 20 years old. Save your money and buy whatever you want in cash. I financed an 01 s2k when I was 21 for $15k. I put $1k down, my loan came out to $270 a month, and my insurance was $160/month with Allstate. Mind you my credit was flawless and a perfect driving record. Buy an older car, take the $3-500/month you're saving on a loan and insurance and save or invest it. That car, or any car for that matter, will eat up 25-33% of your monthly income and at the end of the day you dont own it, the bank does.

I hope this doesn't come across extremely dick, I've just been on both sides of the fence. If you do decide to buy a new car, add an extremely shitty second car(your own old car, family, etc) onto your insurance as the primary. You'll get a multi car discount that actually drops your insurance
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