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Originally Posted by phoenixheat_2002 View Post
lucky mutherfucker hahahaha she got sisters? lol j/k.

and rufus, i'm so disapointed, totally wrong section, like it matters lol
Yeah, shes got sisters, but they both married and live outta state, she's the youngest (and hottest) out of 3.

As for it being the wrong section I was a lil nervous about posting up in here, till I saw it was Rufus.

Originally Posted by rufus View Post
Nope, luckily it just meant that I couldnt use the DC cat as its meant for an LX. It bolted right up to my test pipe in about 20 minutes. I'll use the extra piece when we fab the turbo!
Nice!! Glad it worked out with little to no issues, again let me know if ya need anything, me being in Chicago dont mean shit.
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