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8thgen section

Well, I was just reading a post Paul made in the 8thgen thread and it got me to thinking.

This forum is mainly for pre-03 Hondas, anything in the classifieds is also as such. When something is posted for anything for an 8th gen it is usually missed or extremely hard to find in the mix of everything else for the earlier gen cars.

So what I was thinking, possibly allowing a 8thgen fs/ft thread/sticky in the 8thgen sub forum.

I think it is a good idea since none of the pre 03 parts are compatible or useable on the new 8thgen's. It would be a nice way to allow only 8thgen owners to be able to talk about parts coming up for sale or wtb or anything along those lines.

I am not suggesting a whole sub forum like the current classified section, just a sticky thread.

I would even be willing to moderate the 8thgen sub forum to keep everything in line and delete old threads etc.

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