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Spec is simply calling you out because your simply regurgitating things you've probably read on the internet, heard your crossfit friends say, or some shit you saw on an infomercial. The problem with that in this case is this: You have a guy asking for help in order to reach a specific goal. When people who don't really know what they're talking about chime in with terms like "muscle confusion" and "mostly nutrition", gym rats like Spec and myself and Dsquared shake our heads and laugh. Your not helping the guy, your actually giving him misinformation. Which he might actually listen to, and even pass that information on to someone else. And then you end up with people who don't get results and repeat stupid information thats false. Maybe you didn't know what you were saying, maybe you just like to hear yourself sound important on a forum, maybe you actually truly believed in what you were saying and you had the best intentions. I have no clue. But just in the future, if your planning on giving advice about someones health, make sure you eat sleep and breathe this stuff, and know what your telling people.
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