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Originally Posted by greasemonkey25 View Post
Lol yea im strapped but didnt have time to grabb it seen them foos smash out with my own eyes in my car oh was so heated just wanted my civic back but the cops got mad prints off the rim they threw at me when they scattered like pussys when I pulled up and they left the jiggler key on the floor mat what dumbasses they are so whoever it is thats yo ass mr postman
13 years ago I caught an ese on my driver side floor trying to hot wire my car. I was going to pick my brother up from work and it was like 2 in the morning. Had no idea the guy was in my car until I noticed my door was slightly open. Even then I didn't know someone was in the car as soon as I open the door he pulled a knife on me and back then I was only 18 and had no gun.

Cops came out and helicopers were flying over in like 5 minutes looking for the dude. They never caught the guy and they also pulled a ton of fingerprints off the car. The cop however told me that they were so back logged with prints they would never run them. That came straight from the cops mouth that they would never run the prints.

Unless they catch these guys red handed, they won't even bother to look.
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