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There's a ton of erite ups on this, ive done it many times on different headlight. Just take the lights off and wetsand with 1500 until all the discoloration is gone and they look completely even, then wetsand with 2000 to clear them up more. Make sure you take your time, its a long process. Make sure you do it lightly and keep the headlight and paper very wet. It shoukd be able to just glide accross the headlight. After your done dry it and buy some Plastix from walmart or autozone, put a little on an applicator and start rubbing it in like how you would apply wax, do small sections and not the whole light at once because it dries kinda fast and is hard to buff if you let a bunch dry on it. After you apply it on the whole light and its dry then buff it with a micro fiber like you would after waxing. Then theylle look brand new. I normally throw like ice paste wax or any wax that works on plastic on after the plastix to keep them shiny longer. Just because its so hot here that it dries the light out. Then every few months I just do a quick buff with plastix if they start to fog at all.
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