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Front end noise

Background, new inner/outer tie-rods, lower balljoints, struts and springs, sway bar end links.

After swapping all those parts, im getting this creek in the front end I cannot locate on my own so i took a video.
This is me jacking up the passenger side of the car with my phone underneath T bracket is tight, rear motor mount is tight, every bolt i can find underneath is tight and being the only person at the house, I cannot jack the car up and be under it.
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Something very important worth knowing when performing any bushing or hell, suspension component swap out. Torquing your bushings/ bolts with the weight of your care pre-loaded.

Let me explain, when you have your car in the air, and torque your bolts to spec, you will bind your bushings like no other when you drop the weight of the vehicle back onto the pavement. They rotate, and move to their "static" positions. I learned this the hard way myself, and went through bushings earlier in my honda tuning days. That said, the best thing to purchase is a set of ramps, pull your car onto the ramps, (take all the necessary safety precautions as well). Get under the car, and just slightly loosen all of your recently replaced suspension components. Once all loosen, get out from under the car, and bounce your vehicle a couple of times. Ensure that the bushings, and the weight of the car is properly setting everything into position. Then, torque EVERYTHING with the weight of your car on the ground, to the proper bolt specs.

Try this and see if this aids against your noisy bushings. Also, pardon the late response.
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better late than never ^
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