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Speedworld Raceway Park
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Originally Posted by Aeolus View Post
Reps a bad rep for insulting a customer while trying to improve attendance.
Funny thing is......ALL the other guys on here tore him up so I didn't need to...........

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i have personally never had any issues with speedworld. myshop is close to them and i go there quite often. everyoe is usually pretty friendly (staff). and most of the customers sthere are decent too. you have your occasional smart ass but you run into that at walmart too. i think its great to have a track thats close and open almost all the time. my only issue with the place is not really with the place itself. its with the people that come to it. doing 25-30mph through the pits. or burning out when they leave. they dont realize that they are giving the rest of us a bad name in the honda comunity. but eithr way. kudos to speedworld.

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Speedworld Raceway Park
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Originally Posted by PhoenixB16 View Post
????Fragile? Fucking Hardly.I just know when I have been fucked.... Last time I was there that place was ghetto as hell AND I RUINED( YES RUINED) a pair of brand new slicks due to the shit return lane.Did the officials give a shit?NOPE. They more or less laughed,and I was out $300 ijn tires due to the lack of upkeep..This is after driving over an hour to get there. Then I had to see the fucking west- siders trying to jump people faster than them and the track officials did NOTHING.Absolutely NOTHING.I also had 2 rainchecks that the gate workers decided to NOT honor a month after they were issued,again,after driving over an hour in a stripped out stiff as hell boosted Honda. Now I hate Firebird as well,but I have NEVER had the issues there that I have had at Speedworld..Never had a friend get jumped for running faster than some "teams" car,never had half a bottle puncture a slick on the return road,never been denied entry when I tried to use a raincheck,never had a bleacher damn near collapse with me on it,never been swarmed by 10000000000000000000000 mosquitos( you get my point yet?).SO I guess my question is did the "changes"the track has made help anything? Or is it still run by morons that could care less about the people that are paying THEIR bills?? Honest question.Customer service is important with ANY business ,so IMHO this is a serious matter.Don't act like the place wasn't a dump,either.....As a rep of the track,the last thing you should be doing is calling ME( who spent thousands over the years at this place) fragile,it is shit customer service.What you SHOULD be doing is anything in your power to ensure the crap I mentioned NEVER happens again.

Yep, still cracks me up reading that.
HEY! just so you know, we've replaced more wood than you can lift on some of the grandstands. We boobie trapped the rest! LOL

Bring you own mesquitos!
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