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Originally Posted by mtflyboy25 View Post
I got a couple stories for you guys... All of them are in Colorado Springs, CO.

1. I am in a buddies SRT4 and we are cruising around and we hit a stop light and there is this CRX in front of us and it has a HUGE far can on it and looks ragity as shit.. So my buddy pulls up beside him at the next light and we see the rex is stripped on the inside and the door has coat hangers as door handles on the inside..( I still havent figured that one out...) Well the Rastafarian bro behind the wheel gives us the nod and straight launches that thing and flies away faster than we can even hope to keep up. We just laughed out asses off because the thing was retarded fast and we didnt expect it. So on that one we got MURDERED!!!!!

2. This time I am cruising around with some buddies in my mustang. And a guy we know in an EVO 8 comes up and says he will beat the shit out of my new stang. So I agree to race him from a 40 roll on the highway. We hit the highway and slow down and do the triple honk. I am waaay slow off the last honk and in the wrong gear 3rd instead of the top end of second and this guy is chilling at full boost.. So he jumps a car on me in about 2 seconds... but then my power finally starts to build as I am in the right speed to gear and shifting into 4th I start catching up. Just as I get almost to his nose the guy hits his brakes and slows back down... The guy riding with him was all like man we creamed you and my shotgun guy was like dude we were pulling back up on you hard! I just look at the guy and the guy walks away because he knew I was going to beat him if he had raced more than a couple seconds longer. I acknowledged that the guy beat me and told him I would be back when I put my new exhaust on. I was stock at the time. He said he would be doing some more mods and we would have to rave again for sure because it was such a good race. So to be continued....

3. I got some mods on the stang now...Long tube headers,xpipe,mufflers,intake, and tune ...I meet some guys at the local hang out and we go trolling around. A guy in a C5 vette comes beside me and revs and does the jump fall back thing. So I give him a honk he honks back and then i do and we punch it.. We are going about 60 and I am in 3rd gear so its perfect. I am ahead of him for about 5 seconds... Then I hear a high pitched whine and I see him blow past me! I was going about 120 when he blew by me. I found out later that he has over 1200 hp and was running on drag radials crusing lol but when we hit he just broke them lose and didnt catch traction until about 80 when he just pulled like nuts on me lol. So another BAD loss..

4. This time I am just driving home from buying some dinner with my girl and we pull up beside a GMC Cyclone with a guy and his girl in it. This thing is definitively rolling on some power because all 4 of his tires are drag radials and it just looks ready to go. So I give him a nod and rev my engine. He yells out the window, " You wanna race the BUS??!?! OK Lets fucking go!". I look at my girl and almost start laughing the guy was so intense. So I put the car into first, and hold my rpm at 2500. The light turns and I drop the hammer.. I shoot ahead of the guy but I can hear him and his open headers right beside me. I quickly shift into second and run through it and then I go to shift to third and waaahm I miss............Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!. So the GMC screams by me as I dump it into 4th and just manage to stop him from gaining any more ground on me even though he is ahead by a car length or so. At the next light the guy gives me a nod and says those new stangs are pretty fast. I smile and then his girl leans out the window and says, " we crushed you, you and your gay fucking mustang"! I laugh and as soon as the light changes I hit all my gears perfect through 4th and over 100 mph and just slow down and drive home.. I dont know if the guy launched or not, I dont think so, but he saw he was beat and thats good enough for me haha.

5. This one was just funny... I am in a main street "academy" for those of you who have been to Colorado Springs, and I am just going to dinner or a movie or something when this S2000 guy pulls up and is all revvinng and jumping forward and then hitting his brakes .. I laugh and roll down my window and ask him if he really wants to go. He says hell yes Ill smoke you. I just laugh because I know the guys car because I had seen it in the auto hobby shop on base and I had seen that it appeared to be quite stock. So he starts the honks and then off we go. We started at about 30 mph...I was in the bottom of 2nd knowing that I wouldnt have any trouble. So he hits the gas and then I do too.. I let off as I start to pull hard and go to about 1/2 throttle.. I give the guy a look of disbelief as I let him creep back to even with me. Then I wink and floor it and just pull away from him like nothing and buy the next block Im about 4-5 lengths ahead. He pulled off at that street and didnt say anything. I thought it was pretty funny though.

6. Rematch with the EVO 8. So now we were both basically fully bolt on rides he had turned the boost up to the max on the stock turbo/s (dont know dont care). We decided to race from the 45 roll again because that is his bread and butter. I make sure I am in 2nd when we do this and I am chilling at about 4500 rpms which is very loud with my setup and we are on the highway with guys behind us blocking all lanes for us. So we honk and then punch it and we are even until 120 and then I start inching my way ahead of him. At 145 I let off and he was looking at my rear wheel. I knew I had finally got him (he was the big jerk and loud mouth of the group). So we all pulled off and the guys asked us who had won. They had been left mostly in the dust and it looked close. The EVO 8 guy said we were dead even. I looked him in the eye and then smiled and agreed. I said ill get you next time though, so watch out! He didnt say anything and left early that night. He never street raced again and only rarely would even meet at the hang out spots. It was a good win and only my passenger, myself, and the evo 8 guy knew it.
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