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get it and get it back
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All vehicle thieves

your fucked!!!
The FUCKING Winner
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Originally Posted by lojack View Post
don't worry im not gonna say anybodies name but if your gonna play in N phx.. pay attention and use good judgment. So i dont point my fingers and laugh at you for touching a bait car within 5 square miles of 35th and bell.
Okay, are you giving a thief a heads up to really look into the vehicle so they don't get caught or are you wanting them to get caught. I don't get your reasoning. I thought the whole point of the bait car was to have the thief get caught. Thanks for giving the general area so the thieves stay away now.

Or it could be an attempt to really just pretend there is one so you could feel safe at night when you sleep.......
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This thread is pointless.
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It truely is pointless
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