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Kill Stories

Its been on honda tech for while so i figured try it here. Post your kill story or your being killed story.Im not condoning street racing, but if u do post your story. Here is my story.

Me and my buddy T (nextlevelcoupe) was crusing in his turbo dohc zc rex, going down Glendale. It was late and there was no one on the road, when all of the sudden a silver tocoma pulled next to us then kept pulling in front of us a car then fading back a next to us. I then look over and its a girl driving the truck and it has a pink butterfly decal across it. I say "yo t i think this girl is trying to race u in the truck", he tells me im dumb and we keep going. at the next light she starts reving the truck the launches, and then t say " o hell no she is". So at the next light we meet up at she revs again, then he does , and the light turns green and were off. first gear even, second she has have a truck on us, third she has over 2 trucks on us. He then gets of it and says that he wasn't really racing, i am however laughing the whole time as he tries to convince me the he wasn't racing.But the worst parts was it was an automatic, and she laughed at us after she won. Sorry t but i had to do it . so lets here what u got
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