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del slo team
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Slight miss at idle is frustrating me! I need help

Well, I have a 1992 Integra that I bought. It resulted that the timing belt had snapped but it is an automatic so I suppose no damaged occured as my brother popped one at the top of 3rd gear in his Civic. I put on the new timing belt and it started right up. It has a slight miss when it is cold and after it warms up the miss is still there.I have replaced wires,plugs, distributor cap and ignition coil because it burned out at one point but to no avail.All the emissions products check out and the fuel pump and lines are new.has anyone had this experience before. I do know that the engine is of an inteference design but my brothers car did not miss after he popped his belt.
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Did you line up the #1 piston to tdc and clocked the cams before you put on the belt?
its possible that you maybe off a tooth also. i'd check if its properly installed. a haynes manual
can tell you how to change a belt. its a good sign though that it started up. g/l

one more check your timing after your done
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die in a dick fire noob
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and then check it again after you drive it once. you can never be too sure on this stuff.
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