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canadian made help

I know its a long shot but a friend of mine has a 2008 civic ex-l that was assembled in Canada. I have been doing tons of research because she keeps having normal maintenance problems with the car but there seems to be a huge difference in the parts that Honda shows for her car and the ones that are actually on the car. A local shop has insisted on the fact that its because the car was made in Canada. But after doing some research it seems like this is a normal thing so I'm unsure of where the difference in parts is coming from.

Some examples of things she's encountered is a huge difference between the location of the e-brake inside the rear disk. The local shop ordered the disks for her rear brakes, for her exact model civic but they were completely wrong. They ended up ordering the right ones after months of research but I'm not sure of exactly where.

Another thing is she wanted to do was replace her center console arm rest but the latch and lock are completely different from the one that was ordered and showed up. So much so that it would t work. I ran the part # through majestic and it is indeed the center console for a 2008 civic ex.

I'm not new to Honda's own 2 myself but I have never e countered anything like this. Has anyone else? And if so, is there a website that you used to order parts? Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on other that. The fact that "its made in Canada" like the shop has told her.

Sorry for the long ass post I'm just stumped and wanted to go into detail about what is going on so I could maybe get maximum help.

Thanks guys.
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Does it look the same as a us model? Because the parts are probably interchangeable. I have an 8th Gen si that was built in Canada and I have no issues.

Are you getting the parts from a dealer if not then try that. They usually have better vin filters. And also if the part is easily removable they take it in with you to compare.

Something worth trying.
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In my civic
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Isn't there a way to Vin match your parts?
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Originally Posted by Nachooooosupreme View Post
Isn't there a way to Vin match your parts?
Well yes.. I work at a body shop and that's how we order all parts. Evidently weird cases happen. we have run into a Cadillac escalade that they told us they(the cadillac dealer we use) couldn't get the part cause it's not an American made GM. Even though the vin was normal, all stickers and markings were state emissions and the door jamb said assembled in the states (sorry I forgot which plant specifically)..

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