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F/H transmission questions

So I've taken apart a b series before but never an f/h

I already took my H2U5 F22 EX transmission apart
It was pretty straight forward. Not to much different than the b series besides the shift selector.

On inspecting I noticed the spider gears seem to be a lot more loose than I remember the b series being.
I'm not wanting to get to crazy with this rebuild. I want to get some new synchro rings and maybe the synchros. But they all look in good shape. Only thing I'd really like to is upgrade the FD

There isn't a ton of Info on these transmissions. And I've been reading everywhere. The H2U5 is just a tad shorter in gearing than the normal f series trans. These motors are known for the tq not the power. If I could get a 4.266 final on the diff I'd like it a little more. Only problem is I can't seem to find if I can even do that. I know the h23s have 4.26 FD's but idk if the h23 FD and pinion fit on the f22 H2U5 trans.

Has anyone here messed with these transmissions before?

Zealautowerks has the gear ratios swapped on the EX and LX/DX transmissions.
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