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Gots a questions!

Okey, I got a pair of Alpine R door speakers and wanted to know if I need to get a harness kit for them or can they just be wired up through the stock speaker wires?

Didn't have much luck looking online but I got some info from a website where I could buy a harness kit but it wasn't there anymore. Gay!

Anyone have some input? I'm tired of these shitty stock speakers

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Just like any other speaker. Positive and negative. You do not need a wiring kit. Take your old ones out unplug, plug into new re-install and your done. The S2000 is just like any other Honda.
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Not sure if that was exactly the answer he was looking for but it might be. The stock speaker has a plug on it that will only connect to a stock Honda speaker. If you are putting the Alpine speakers in there, you will need to cut off the Honda plug to connect it to the Alpine. Problem is, not all factory speakers are labeled + or -, so you might have polarity backwards. If you don't want to deal with that, Best Buy has speaker harnesses that will plug directly into the stock Honda plug and gives you labeled wires that show + and -, so you can't get it wrong. That way you don't have to cut any wires, and if you ever sell the S and want to keep the Alpines you can simply plug the harness back into the stock speakers and be done with it. I think the harnesses are about $12 for the pair. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

By the way you might have depth issues with the Type R Alpines since the magnet is so deep, it might hit the window when it's rolled down but it might not.
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