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Problem after replacing seals on head.

I rebuild my first Honda engine for my bro inlaw. A f22a1. Machine shop honed block for bigger Pistons since the cylinders were out of wack, installed Pistons on rods, an exchange crank and correct bearing for it. I putted everything together.
While the head was off the block, I replaced all the seals on the head.

Engine ran smooth but smoked a little and went away.

It started smoking a big ass cloud at first start up and going away after warm up showing sings of valve seals been messed up. I search into it and found out I got the wrong seals on the seals kit that I used, they weren't marked at all(intake, exhaust) and since this is my first Honda engine, I didn't know that they were different sizes. The heads and engines I had rebuild before, they use the same seals for intake and exhaust so this was a new thing to me.

Went to Honda and got the right seals and installed them. Took it for a test drive and it smoked for a bit but then it stopped. I figure it was the oil that had already sip in the cylinders from before and during changing the seals.

Brother in law came to pick up the car, took it home and the next morning it started doing the same thing, it'll smoke in the morning but then it stop.

Car starts at first crank, no weird noises or anything like that, just a lot of damn smoke when you first star it.

I'm about to blow my brains out with this thing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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