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Originally Posted by I_Love_Korean_Trannys View Post
You don't dd that car do you? Lol
It is not my DD but I street drive it here and there, I also street drive it with skinnies LOL.. I would probably cruise it more if I didn't have Liberty gears.
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Originally Posted by Nachooooosupreme View Post

Are you the guy who couldn't afford the ex edition so you bought the dx and swore you'd make it like an ex? Are you the guy who doesn't like civics because you've never owned one? Are you asshurt I don't own an accord like you? Do you have jock itch?

Boy I've been working on Hondas since the early 90s FYI - just about the same time you were popping pimples on your face before middle school started!

Watch you say to grown folk punk!
your right i couldnt afford a ex, then again i didnt know my car was a dx having power windows/locks and all. never owned a civic? ive owed a crx,ef, eg,ek but never a civic. i can care less what kind of car you have, it doesnt benefit me in any way. as for jock it, no i dont have none, question do you have hemaroids? apperantly your ass must be quivering and in pain getting offensive n all.

get your facts straight SON!!!
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