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Cluster issues after swap

So don't with the Accord, and originally the lights on dash were all working like normal. But now after I buttoned everything up a d I went to take the car for a drive, only thing g that turns on is the battery light. After I start it it goes away. My inside lights work the turn signals work, a/C controls light up.

What I can't get to work are the rpm, speed fuel, temp a d the cel doesn't come on like it should when you start the car. Even jumping the connector under dash to pull codes does t bring on the cel. Brake light does t come on, and the dash clock is also not working.

Checked all fuses nothing burnt. Checked grounds and cleaned them just in case, nothing, added another ground and nothing.
Swapped ECU's and still same thing. Pulled engine harness off and stripped it down to look for any. Broken wires and found nothing.

Any other pointers out there. Car does run like normal but fan won't kick on either.
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