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Originally Posted by PrsrizdSupra View Post
James Gammelgaard uses the name 2fst4door and his phone number is 602.321.8947. Contacted him about the tial mvs gates he had for sale and asked him if they were real Tials, His exact response was "100% authentic". We agreed on a fairly low price because he had "20 bucks to his name and really need the money" So met up with him,seemed like a pretty cool dude the boxes were generic boxes so i got skeptical. He told me that's how they came from the place he bought them called RMS.. it was fairly dark spot of the gas station so i couldnt really look into the valve body to see the gap between the the valve and the body that i realized it had when i got home. And sure enough i couldn't go online to search for he SN. But he kept reassuring me that they were real. He told me if i had any issues that i had his number and he would work it out. So like a numb nut i handed him the money and we parted ways. Got home and got the gates into the light and it was obvious at that point that the valvebodies didnt have seats for the valves. searched the SN's and sure enough they were the fake ones. Tried getting a hold of him and he tells me " That's cuz there isn't any vacuum yet". and then "I have ran them and know plenty of people that have ran them and have 0 problems" .. After that point i offered him to keep the portion of the money for my stupidity and give me the rest back as they were completely not what he said they were. Even a super super nice person that knows him tried to help out and he basically said "scam? no if it was a scam they wouldnt work. they are perfectly fine. i know plenty of poeple that have used them and have had no problems. just cuz they arent MADE by tial or youre not soending 230$ a piece doesnt mean they are fake pieces of shit. they work just fine just the sn isnt legit. 999/1000 people even know by looking at them." ..

so yeah basically its partially my fault for not doing my research and trusting his word, but at the same I want to give you dudes a headsup to be warned that he is the straight up honest dude he tries to play off. I think a genuine person would refund the money on the basis of not wanting to have a bad name or atleast like i offered to give back part of the money.
I wont protect james on here cause i dont know what happened and im not trying to read all of that but 2fst4door is my buddy robs name on here and he is the last person to ever fuck someone over. james doesnt use it anymore so please dont give this name on here a bad name. ill tell rob to change his password.
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OMG guys JDM MAMI is part of the thieves ive meet her before and told me she can get me anything i wanted for my car cause she gets it for cheap!! and she she tried to have my cousins hatch stolen! following her in her coupe (green) and her burgandy (rex) with some guy knowing she lives no where my cousin lives i have been to her southside area for a meet (going with others) didnt take my cars.
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so keep an Eye on this chick shes will run her mouth on telling (her) people what so and so has and so they can go find their car.. shes plays like she know everything when she doesnt know anything. old friend (female) called her out on stuff and she didnt know what to say. shes a thiefer with them. look out for her too!!
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